Thierry Piette-Coudol

Thierry Piette Coudol (Phd, DESS: University of Rouen). Attorney at Law, member of Paris Bar Association – associate at André Bertrand Law Office, Paris, France.

Me Piette – Coudol is expert in telecommunications and securization of electronic exchanges , Telecommunications network, EDI, Internet, Electronic Commerce, Public Key Infrastructure, Digital and Electronic Signature, Cryptography, Electronic Payments, and legal and commercial protection for electronic contents.

Former manager of Telecomm and EDI department at Alain Bensoussan Law Firm in Paris. Dr. Thierry is a lecturer at several French Universities and Institutions and holds other teaching positions abroad.

On a different note, Prof. Thierry is the Chairman of IALTA association in France, founder member of European Institute for Management of EDI, Lausanne University, Switzerland; Vice – Chairman of French Coordination for Trusted Third Parties, France. He is the author and co-author of 6 books in French on e-signature, e-commerce and cyberlaw.