Dr. Maureen Owor is an Associate Principal Lecturer at the Law Development Centre (LDC), Kampala, Uganda. Her administrative functions as the acting head of the Department of Research, Law Reform and Publications includes developing LDC’s research policy, managing research projects, preparing research budgets and sourcing for funds from the government and other partners for research activities.

Other functions comprise joint collaborative research ventures. To this end, Maureen instigated a research project with the Uganda Law Reform Commission on revision of laws, commencing in late 2011. Recently, Dr. Owor was appointed by LDC on a placement at the College of Law (Bloomsbury) in the United Kingdom (UK) (31st May to 22nd June 2011). While there, she investigated methods by which institutions offering law vocational courses for intending legal practitioners could enrich their (teaching) delivery through a cross fertilization of best practices between England and Uganda.

Dr. Owor’s academic duties include the review of manuscripts submitted for publication by LDC Publishers, and authoring books for publication. Maureen is now heading a team of authors who are writing a book on Sample charges and indictments in Uganda (2011). In addition, she is the managing editor of the Uganda Law Focus– a peer reviewed journal of the Law Development Centre.

As a legal consultant, Maureen teaches Criminal Proceedings on the Post Graduate Bar Course (330 students) where she is also the deputy head (administrative) of the subject and convenes meetings of the Criminal Proceedings legal consultants twice a term. In addition, she teaches Criminology and Penology on the Diploma in Law course (66 students) and Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure on Certificate in Law courses (200 students). Related duties include updating the curricula (on all courses), setting examinations, marking student’s assignments and written examinations, and conducting oral examinations. Elsewhere, Maureen taught Crime, Justice and Society at the School of Law, University of Bristol (England, UK) from 2006-2010 while pursuing her doctoral studies.

In 2010, Dr Owor obtained her PhD (Law) from the University of Bristol. Previously she studied law at Makerere University (Uganda) where she graduated with an LLB (Honours 2:1) and completed her professional qualification- the Diploma in Legal Practice, at the Law Development Centre. She then did her Masters of Law degree at the University of Bristol (England) and graduated with an LLM (2:1).

Maureen’s research interests are in the legal frameworks regulating cyberspace and cybercrime, the translation of traditional African justice into national and international criminal law, and the integration of social policies into criminal justice practice.

Away from her teaching and research duties, Maureen participates in walks, badminton and cooking African cuisine. She also volunteers doing fundraising and administrative work for two nongovernmental organisations (charities): the Vale 4 Africa (Wales, UK) and Tororo Community Initiated Development Association (Uganda).