Glenn S. Dardick

Glenn S. Dardick serves on the faculty of Longwood University where he is responsible for its courses in Computer Security, Forensics and Law.  Glenn S. Dardick also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the and as the organizer of the Conference on Digital Forensics, Security and Law – both of which he founded in 2006.

The electronic version of the Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law has recently been added to the databases of ProQuest and EBSCOhost making it now available in most libraries. Glenn S. Dardickholds a Doctoral degree from Virginia Commonwealth University with a major in Information Systems and a minor in Finance.

Glenn S. Dardick serves as a consultant on technology matters for the legal community and has been admitted and appeared as an expert witness in Federal, State and Sectarian Courts.  He has consulted on copyright issues as well as conducted forensic investigations involving security breaches, media, Internet access, and financial records.  He has made presentations at the DSI, SEDSI, SIGITE, SEINFORMS, accounting organizations, the Virginia Business Education Association, the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association and the City of Richmond to name a few.

Glenn S. Dardick is also recognized internationally and served as an invited keynote speaker at several conferences in Australia and South Africa. Glenn S. Dardick also currently supports several non-profit and private organizations with their Internet-based systems including ASP solutions, ecommerce, security and email.

Glenn S. Dardick has served in technical, managerial and academic positions in both public organizations and private enterprises. Glenn S. Dardick has been a successful entrepreneur acquiring and starting several businesses including the founding of one of the first PC sales and support organizations in 1981.  That organization was the top franchise of an 800+ member organization. Glenn Dardick also served as the President of the franchisee association of that organization as well as also serving on several national advisory councils relating to the computer industry including AT&T, NEC and Epson. In 1991, Glenn S. Dardick was named by Computer Retail Week as one of 21 executives who were shaping the PC retail industry.

In 1995 as the CEO of a tax forms software development company, Glenn S. Dardick was a pioneer on the Internet creating an ecommerce and support website containing 30,000 pages of tax forms and instructions.

At IBM, Glenn S. Dardick served in the Corporate Financial Information Systems area at the Armonk, N.Y. Headquarters. Later, Glenn S. Dardick served at IBM’s Boca Raton laboratory and was actively involved in the development of several notable products, both in-plan and not, earning him awards and a reputation as an intrapreneur. Because of that reputation, Glenn S. Dardick was asked to serve on the original IBM PC development team where he negotiated several contracts for software products including the original PC operating system with Microsoft’s Bill Gates.