Dr. Maicibi Nok Alhas is a Nigerian by extraction, an international civil servant by virtue of his appointment to serve the African continent through UNAFRI as the Head of Unit, Research and Policy Development Unit of the Institute. Prior to his appointment at UNAFRI, he had taught in many universities.

He carries to UNAFRI a vast experience and wide exposure to intellectual discretion culminating into publications authored by him on a diversity of thematic issues ranging from management of public affairs to advisory, consultative and advocacy undertakings focused on development. He also spearheads efforts to influence review of relevant policy for accomplishment of tailored programmes premised on research findings; expediency and realities. His opinion has been published in several books, publications and scholarly articles, both in local and international peer-reviewed Journals.

His designation in the Research and Policy Development Unit has brought him to initiate, manage and accomplish several researches/studies in fields covering but not limited to the mandate of UNAFRI:crime prevention. These include, human, drug and small arms trafficking; examination criminality; community and after-care services; treatment of offenders; as well as cyber crime sensitization whose contents evolved from research works.